Firmographics & Facility Description

Our Firmographics

Use our know-how for the cosmetics business in the state of diversifying.

  • We bring forth a formulation utilizing the raw material performance which can be realized only by the raw material manufacturer group, and a high functional recipe that luxuriously mixes excellent raw materials.
  • We provide unique products which are in the form of stable emulsification and solubilization, based on our great store of knowledge and technology regarding emulsification and solubilization.
  • It is our optimal combination of unique surfactants and fatty acids realizing excellent foaming and finish of washing.
  • We also develop new products that actively incorporate new functional raw materials.
  • We promise to develop industry-leading differentiated products alongside with the background of raw material development capabilities.
  • When commercializing products, we carefully confirm the trademarks and patents of other companies.

R&D system

We will develop and propose cosmetics backed by data by utilizing the new materials and highly functional raw materials of the NOF Group.


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Check List for Cosmetic Products Development
  • Function: data acquisition using various functional evaluation devices
  • Stability: stability test in a variety of conditions.
  • Endurance: antiseptic check by challenge test.
  • Safety: various data acquisition.
  • Check for intellectual property right: confirmation of trademarks and patents of other companies.

Production Management System

We maintain the quality and safety of our products by thoroughly controlling the quality of our products, from the arrival of raw materials and sub materials to the shipment of our finished products.


Facility Description


Mixing Facilities

20㎥, 10㎥, and 5㎥ Open System Mixer One each
2㎥ Open System Mixer 2 Units
10㎥ Open System Emulsifier 1 Unit
450L and 1000L Vacuum Emulsifier One each
1300L Vacuum Emulsifier 2 Units
Filling Facilities

Filling Facilities

illing Line Total number of lines 15

Automatic Filling Machine 5 Units
Manual Filling Machine 5 Units
Pouch Automatic Filling Machine 2 Units
Tube Filling Machine (Heat Sealing System) 2 Units
Tube Filling Machine (Hot Air System) 2 Units
Jar Filling Machine 1 Units
Pillow Packaging Machine 1 Units